Goodbye Paris

What would you do in the City of Light?

What Crazy Performance Should I Do in Paris? (Adventures #4 & #5)

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We’re coming up on two-and-a-half weeks in Paris. Last week, I explored the subterranean side of Paris in all different shapes and sizes:

  • I delved into the Catacombs of Paris, where over 6 million skeletons of former Parisians lay.
  • I went into the Paris sewers and saw the route Jean Valjean took to carry the dying Marius to safety in Les Miserables. 
  • And I went to a fabulous restaurant, Spring, where in addition to eating one of the best meals of my life in a stone-lined cave-transformed-into-basement, we got to tour the cave far underneath the restaurant which was used to hide Jews in World War II.

Now it’s time to choose our next adventure in Paris!

Choose TWO Performances for Paris

Our theme of the week is performance, and I have a lot of awesome choices for you. Today, you’ll get to vote for TWO of these options:

  1. Poetry at the Louvre. Standing on a box, recite poetry in front of the Louvre. Every so often, step toward a stranger and recite directly to them (do it without laughing!). via Annie Carter
  2. Encourage street artists. Somehow genuinely encourage every street artist you meet for a day. Example: Take their photo, throw in a few coins, buy them a sandwich or drink, give them a handwritten note, give a genuine thank you with handshake. via Arlen Miller 
  3. Shadow a Street Performer. Become a street performer at Notre Dame. First, you have to meet the current street performers and learn their trade. They are the main character and you are the sidekick learning from their expertise. Are they just homeless bums who beg? Or are the experts in their craft? Do they struggle to just get a few pennies or do they make serious bank off their entertainment? Why do they do it? At the same time, overcome your “writer self” and put yourself out there to perform… be watched, be criticized, be viewed by people who don’t know who you really are and are just judging their perception of you. via Laura Jacobs
  4. Eiffel Tower Performance. Busk underneath the Eiffel Tower while dressed as a Frenchman in stripy t-shirt, beret, three quarter length trousers, and a string of onions around your neck. via Katie Hamer
  5. Starving Artist Experiment. Day 1: Spend the entire day playing music on the street for money. Then go home and feed your family with whatever you can make in one day. Day 2: In a different location, spend the day playing music in a public place just for fun and for the enjoyment of others. Then write about these questions: Can you live off of your art, and still enjoy it? Do people enjoy your art as much if you are living off of it? via Miles Tiegs
  6. Blind, Mute, and Lame. Go blind, mute, and/or sit in a wheelchair for an entire day. via Ken Vrizi
  7. Sing Karaoke (in French!). Go to a karaoke bar and sing a popular French song (preferably, with your wife and son). Of course, you’ll have to learn the song first. via Patricia Chandrashekhar
  8. Channel Your Inner Kangaroo. Dress up in a Kangaroo costume (or another animal) and cause havoc. (See this video for details) via David Hepting
  9. Sell Your Masterpiece. Visit an art supply shop, and buy some watercolors and quality paper. Paint some yourself and let your son paint too. Then head over to the Pont des Arts and set up a crate or table and try to sell them! via Dan Knight
  10. Play With Cats. I suggest you dress all in black, paint your nose black and draw whiskers on your face. Then find some stray cats and sit with them. via Pooh Hodges
  11. The Proposal. During dinner get down on one knee and propose to Talia. via Pamela Hodges

Vote For Your TWO Favorite Performances

Leave a comment below with the name of the two adventures you choose.

I will tally the votes and select the winners.

The deadline for voting is Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. EST (in other words, midnight on Tuesday), so vote now!

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Which adventure should I do in Paris?