Goodbye Paris

What would you do in the City of Light?

Vote For Goodbye Paris Adventure #3

The Seine at Sunrise

The Seine at Sunrise. Photo by Joe Bunting

We’ve been in Paris for a week and have already accomplished two amazing adventures. I’ll share more details about what happened when I had to ask directions in French to Pére Lachaise Cimetiere soon.

In the meantime, it’s time to vote for our next adventures in Paris. Below are four imaginative adventures, all submitted by Dan Knight (thanks for the great suggestions Dan!).

Let’s look at our options.

Paris Adventure Options

Champs ElyseesMilestones on the Champs-Élysées. Tour the historical places and events that occurred along the world’s most famous grand avenue,  for example the Nazi occupation march in 1940 and the World’s Fair in 1855. Then write about these events from the perspective of one of the stones on the street or trees along the avenue.

Marie AntionetteMarie Antoinette’s Dispatch. Follow Marie Antoinette’s journey from her arrival as the intended to Louis XVI to dispatch: Paris, Versailles, Le Petit Hameau, Sant’ Chapel, Place de la Concorde.

French RevolutionVive la Révolucion! Follow the revolution storylines in either a Tale of Two Cities or Les Misérables. How do those events compare with the 1968 student strikes on the Left Bank and the 2013 car burnings by Muslim youth?
Paris CatacombsCaving in Paris. Explore the huge system of caverns, caves, and catacombs below Paris, left from when the Romans quarried the region for stone. Every once in a while a bit of Paris plunges into a hole (more information from National Geographic).


Vote for your favorite adventure:

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I will tally the votes and select the winner.

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Which adventure should I do in Paris?

  • caves!

  • Caves.

  • Caves.

  • lindsayheston

    Vive la Révolucion!

  • Kevin White


  • Connie Lengkeek Rock

    Caving…of course.

  • Abby


  • Stacey

    Vive la Révolucion! Always!

  • Vive la Révolucion!. Bonus points if you can work in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

  • Vive la Revolucion! Those are two of my favorite novels!

  • Selena Brantley Day

    Marie Antoinette’s Dispatch

  • kvirzi

    caves caves caves

  • Debbie Steg

    I see the vast majority are voting for caves/catacombs – so I’m throwing in my vote for caves as well. The catacombs were an interesting and bit spooky for me, so you might want to plan something light and uplifting afterwards.

  • Caving sounds fascinating, and not something I knew about Paris. Would definitely love to know more! Intriguing to know that Paris periodically plunges into a hole! Whatever next?

  • oddznns


  • KJ Mansfield

    Caving in Paris should be exciting/atmospheric and good to write about.

  • Caving in Paris

  • “Milestones on the Champs-Élysées!” I can’t wait to read this one.

  • Bob DeSpy former Spycacher

    Vive la Révolucion!

  • Vive la Révolucion!

  • Vive la Révolucion!! :)

  • Definitely the caves! Sounds awesome!

  • Beca Lewis


  • Christine (BetterNovelProject)

    I vote for Caves. (and make sure you listen to Nada Surf’s song ‘These Bones,’ also inspired by catacombs)

  • Caving in Paris

  • Jessica


  • purple dragon

    Caves, catacombs and sewers! Maybe also check out a hidden part of the Metro. NYC subway system has abandoned and imcomplete stations, maybe Paris too?

  • Teresa Fehl Ahrenholtz

    Vive la Revolucion