Goodbye Paris

What would you do in the City of Light?

Vote For Goodbye Paris Adventure #1 (and #2) [updated]

Goodbye Paris AdventurePhoto by Adrien Sifre (Creative Commons)

Update: today, Talia, Mars Bars, and I will be accomplishing the adventure you chose for me, plus one more (see below). More updates coming soon.

Today, we leave for Paris. Which means you have until midnight eastern time, when we land, to choose my first adventure.

Choose Your Paris Adventure

Remember those choose-your-own-adventure novels from when you were a kid? This is kind of like that. Except you choose the adventure, I do the adventure, and then I write about it.

We’ve received a lot of amazing adventure suggestions so far (you can suggest yours here), and now it’s time to choose the first one.

Ready to see the options?

Paris Adventure Options

Hide a Poem. Secretly slip a poem or a piece of writing or a personal note into the pages of any book at Shakespeare & Company. Ask them to write back via (from Christine)

Be Fully Present. Adventures don’t have to be wild, crazy and loud. The most beautiful are often the quiet, authentic ones that change your Soul. Spend a very quiet afternoon somewhere *WITHOUT* writing. Instead, absorb everything you feel, see, hear, taste, touch. Make it a goal to take everything in, letting it touch and change you. Be fully present and in the moment in a way that writing does not allow. Then, later in the silence of your apartment, write about the moment that touched or changed you, and why. (from Margie Deeb)

Ask for Directions. Select a destination (any destination) in Paris and see if you can find your way there using only the locals for help. You must speak only French! (from The Magic Violinist)

Thanks to those who submitted these adventures. Do you want to suggest an adventure for the book? You can suggest one here.

Vote for your favorite adventure:

Leave a comment below with the name of the adventure you choose.

I will tally the votes and select the winner.

The deadline for voting is 12:10 am EST, when we arrive in Paris, so vote now!

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Which adventure should I do in Paris?

UPDATE: Results of Adventure #1 (and #2!)

You have spoken! Thanks so much to those of you who voted for my first Goodbye Paris adventure. We’ve arrived safely (ish) in Paris and today we’ll be participating in our first adventure:

Travel to Pére Lechaise Cimetiere (good idea Jon Fulk!) without using a map, only asking locals for directions (in French!). While there, we will accomplish adventure #2, to hunt down the graves of the famous writers there, including Oscar Wilde, Moliere, Richard Wright, Balzac, Proust, Colette, and of course, Jim Morrison (suggestion via Julia W.), leaving a rose at each grave. Hoping it doesn’t rain!

More updates coming soon. Thanks again for this great adventure!