Goodbye Paris

What would you do in the City of Light?

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Huge thanks to all the sponsors and supporters listed on this page. Without you, this book would not have been written. Thank you.


Raw Spoon monster illustrationRoss Boone (A.K.A. Raw Spoon) is an author and illustrator whose work has been compared to C.S. Lewis and Shel Silverstein. Ross’ debut novel, Absent Landlord, is about a sub-par, suicidal man who decides to dedicate what little talent he has to helping his screwed up housemates. Paste magazine rated the novel 8.7, praising its innovative multi-media design (e.g. it contains a bookmark that transforms into a post card). Subscribe to his blog,, to receive his beautifully illustrated, quirky stories (it’s free!) and buy his novel The Absent Landlord here.

As the heart bones break coverRead another experience of Paris, a different life. “Nina and you have the honeymoon you couldn’t afford twenty years before. You spoil yourselvs in expensive hotels. You drink too much wine and Nina buys too many clothes. You don’t begrudge yourselves anything. But, at Midnight Mass on the outskirts of Paris, watching a Nativity performance, your stomach heavy from foie gras and Christmas Eve canard, the over-indulgence suddenly weighs on you. Your thoughts turn unbidden to the past.”
—More in Audrey Chin’s As the Heart Bones Break, available at and


Jane BabichJane Babich is a lifelong organizer, avid storyteller, intuitive problem solver, coffee & cake lover, worshipper, creative analyst fanning the flames of change & possibility on my late life birthed site, Visit to get your passion fanned into flames.


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