Goodbye Paris

What would you do in the City of Light?


This blog is the record of an adventure.

If it were a serious travel guide or a careful anthropological divulgence of the French psyche, it would have facts on all the sights, columns with the all necessary French sayings, and useful documentations of real encounters with local Parisians which are so important in books like that, and are likely the reason they’re so widely read.

However, this is, as Mark Twain once said, the “record of a picnic.” You will not find in it the best restaurants or experiences to take in while visiting the City of Light. Rather, this is an account of what you would likely experience if you were to visit Paris, with all the misadventures and blissful moments alike.

I won’t apologize for taking a different path than the most travel books on the market. I believe I have told the truth, at least in so far as I have been able.

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